To have CIS logo and color on a POS system is a dream for retail stores, but a challenge for manufacturers. Here comes the answer, Chameleon. Chameleon can perfectly demonstrate any enterprise’s CIS and ideally match their corporate image and décor with AdvanPOS patented “Changeable Bezel Design.” The CM-5200 enables the fanless operation which delivers the benefit of low-noise and prevents the intrusion of foreign matters.

When people walk into a restaurant, what do they expect in addition to delicious food? The answer is definitely efficient service. People pay for food as well as quality service. A long wait for food ordering or checkout will reduce customer satisfaction. But the question is how to get balance between labor cost and customers satisfaction? How about letting machinery and technology replace human labor?

Nowadays, a POS system can help the hospitality industry in many ways. A hand-held POS device can make food ordering fast and accurate. Better yet, the ordering information can be immediately sent to the kitchen through internet which will shorten customer’s wait on serving. A POS system supporting 2 or more displays enables digital signage application. The interactive, eye-catching and dynamic contents can do sales promotion which better encourages customer’s purchases.